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Early beginnings


The Dual Win

Our Story

The adverse effects of COVID-19 on eco-friendly SMEs and MSMEs are notably immersed but concurrently, has inspired collaboration between Mastercard Foundation and Waste Or Create Hub to birth Africa’s first green commerce platform- Circular Place.

The Mastercard Foundation’s COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Program seeks to deepen the capacity of institutions to withstand the pandemic crisis and reignite collapsing economies. This aligns very much with the focus of the Waste or Create hub which seeks to inspire businesses and people to think and act sustainably and find innovative solutions to the hardest environmental problem.

Circular Place will provide an on-demand solution that is designed specifically to fit the unique needs of eco- businesses today. The platform exists to make eco-friendly products and services easily accessible and more preferable as well as empower eco enterprises to showcase their innovations and help the buyer find high-quality product alternatives for their everyday needs.



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What We Are Here To Do

How Will We Conduct Ourselves In Support And Pursuit Of Our Mission, Vision, And Values.


A World where Eco-Friendly products are the only option.


We equip eco-entrepreneurs with the needed digital tools to scale their products.





-Ethical Standards

Early beginnings


How We Making Commerce Green

When We Say Green, We Mean Every Pigment Of It.

Sustainability is featured throughout the designing of the technology; The Platform is hosted on a renewable energy hosting platform. We are consciously sourcing and curating a collection of products and services that do as little harm as possible to people, communities and the planet. All of the products we sell are fair trade, eco-friendly, or carry a social mission.

Circular Place at its cores has developed the UX and UI to enable shoppers to explore an exciting trend of items within the shortest possible time. Circular Place comes with a single integrated back-office that has a 360 support feature for marketing, delivery, analytics, order management and payment.

Our priority is to keep these connections safe, fun and secured. The most amazing part is that Circular Place is easy to navigate and accessible on all internet-enabled devices.

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Single Integrated Back Office




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Accelerate Your Positive Impact.

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